Clarix, Inc.

Training Development, Instructional Design, Documentation

 Needs analyses

 Instructional design


 Development of training for various audiences, including customers, technical support, sales

 Marketing/sales and communications material

 Distance learning, web-based, synchronous and asynchronous

 Class delivery and facilitation


 Policies and Procedures manuals

 Video scripts for training videos



What we do. . .

 Conduct needs assessments to determine management goals, the precise requirements for performance objectives for the training population, optimum delivery methods, etc. Includes interviews, telephone surveys, focus discussions, and customer visits.

 Design courseware or other solutions to meet the needs of the training audience.

 Write and develop course modules, adjunct materials (job aids), documentation; develop hands-on and case study exercises, tests, and visual aids, including video; write proposals.

 Manage projects from kickoff to delivery, including regular contact with client personnel in management, training, product marketing, engineering, and sales. As needed, supervise work of project team, manage project scheduling, and write status reports for client. Search for and select special project team members such as additional writers and subject matter experts (e.g., technical consultants).

 Design layout and format of materials.

 Conduct train-the-trainer sessions and deliver training.

We use a wide variety of authoring tools. Since we have used so many software programs over the years, we are adept at quickly learning new tools. In fact, since our work often involves development of training programs for new, unreleased hardware and software, we are accustomed to figuring out undocumented products.